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Cirkulär is at the forefront of the next industrial revolution, initiating transformative changes from the cellular level all the way to the industrial scale.

Going circular with feed for food

With the world’s fish stocks facing growing pressure, it is crucial to find alternative methods for supporting our increasing reliance on aquaculture. As this industry continues its rapid expansion, the demand for sustainable aqua feed is more pressing than ever. At Cirkulär, we have risen to this challenge by producing Cirkulein™, a high-quality mycoprotein (single cell protein) that serves as a viable protein source for the aqua feed industry.

Derived from filamentous fungi, Cirkulein™ is not only a sustainable protein alternative but also delivers superior nutritional benefits. It holds a complete amino acid profile and lacks plant anti-nutrients often found in conventional feed options like soy meal, which can inhibit the absorption of essential nutrients. Moreover, Cirkulein™ is distinctive in its potential to support gut health and enhance immune response in aquatic species. With improved gut health, fish may experience better overall health, growth performance, and disease resistance, a significant advantage in intensive farming systems.

In a world where the need for sustainability is increasingly paramount, Cirkulein™ stands as a superior choice for aquafeed, making it an ideal choice for the forward-thinking aquaculture industry.