The platform.

And Beyond.

With a versatile technology platform we engineer fungal cells to customize the next generation of cell factories. For the cost efficient and sustainable production of tomorrow.

From cell to solution

Cirkulär’s technology is based on state-of-the art genetic, and fermentation engineering to build fungal cell factories for various applications. Based on what our client needs we identify, design, create and scale filamentous fungal cells. That allows us to produce sustainable, inexpensive, and high-quality proteins, new materials and chemical components. Using the same platform to serve multiple industries with customized output and a circular production process.

That’s how we meet the demands and requirements of customers, consumers and the planet. Now, and for years to come.

The potential


Our fungal cell factories can produce anything from chemicals and polymers to proteins, fats, foods and materials.


Filamentous fungi can synthesise a wide range of molecules more efficient than existing commercialized cell factories using bacteria and yeast.


The sturdiness of fungi allows them to grow in diverse environments like cheap raw material from industrial side streams.

We use

Glucose • Wood residue • Food waste
Agri waste • Chemical waste

And deliver

Fungal cell factory (strain) for utilisation

Fungal cell factory production process

To produce

Enzymes • Proteins • Fats • Chemicals
Single cell proteins

Going Cirkulär

Catering to the required customization while fostering scalability – this is circular production the Cirkulär way.


Industrial waste streams and fungal organisms act as input to the Cirkulär system.

Cell factory

With state-of-the art genetic and fermentation engineering we create customized fungal cell factories for various applications. The cell factory is designed and optimized based on customers KPIs.


Utilizing waste streams to grow our fungi provides an efficient, sustainable and cost effective production. To optimize the circular process we can set up wall-to-wall production with industrial waste stream providers.


The output of the production is a fungal cell factory strain and a process designed for the clients specific applications. This can then be scaled, produced in larger scale and refined to different end products.

Engineering fungal cells enables a unique opportunity to fundamentally transform industrial production.

Eric Öste, CEO, Cirkulär AB