Uniting forces to amplify impact

Cirkulär, partnerships are integral to our mission of promoting sustainability and circularity. We believe in building relationships that facilitate mutual growth, while making a significant impact on environmental conservation.

Unleashing the biomass potential

Our work with biomass waste suppliers forms the backbone of our production process. We transform their industrial by-products into high-quality feed ingredients, providing them a viable route for waste management and helping them contribute to a more sustainable future.

By partnering with Cirkulär, biomass waste customers can benefit from efficient waste management while contributing to sustainability initiatives.

We invite biomass waste suppliers who wish to explore a sustainable and profitable avenue for their by-products to connect with us.

The sustainable feed revolution

Our relationship with feed customers is instrumental in realizing our vision of providing sustainable, nutritious, and cost-effective feed alternatives to the aquaculture and pet food industry.

By incorporating Cirkulein™ into feed applications, our customers can offer superior nutrition to their animals, enhance the health and growth, and contribute to the preservation of oceanic ecosystems and the environment as a whole. Moreover, choosing Cirkulein™ can be a strong market differentiator, appealing to increasingly eco-conscious consumers.

We welcome pet- and aquafeed manufacturers and aquaculture companies who are eager to transition to sustainable feed ingredients to get in touch with us.