Engineering almost everything from almost nothing

Cirkulär engineers the next industrial revolution from a cellular level. With a flexible platform we have the potential to reimagine production for multiple purposes and industries. Finding brand new solutions to deal with the great challenges of our time.

Cutting carbon with dairyfree dairy

Dairy production is putting immense pressure on the environment. As a consequence, alternative sources of producing sustainable dairy products is one of the fastest growing industries and the industry is actively looking at alternative proteins to develop animal-free products. Our fungi are engineered to produce casein – milk protein – which can be used by dairy producers and vegan companies to develop better animal-free cheese, yoghurts and beyond.

Going circular with feed for food

As the oceans are getting depleted on fish, we need to find other ways of producing fish and aquaculture production is meeting this demand. Growing at a tremendous rate, this industry is in great need of sourcing and utilizing sustainable aquafeed. We are producing fungal proteins that are promising candidates for aquafeed. Our proteins are highly competitive with existing state-of-the-art aquafeed, such as fish meal and soy meal. Our proteins are inexpensive, nutritious, without plant anti-nutrients and can be produced in very high volumes.