Join our Circle

We are a team of relentless entrepreneurs and world-class researchers that feel a sense of urgency and responsibility in providing sustainable and rational solutions to the growing problems associated with climate change and beyond.

Work with us

Be a part of building something revolutionary in the food system and other industries with sustainable impact. As a start-up in the early phase of growth we can offer a unique experience and opportunities grow. At Cirkulär you will be a part of a supportive environment. We celebrate and incentivize people to try and fail in order to succeed.

You won’t get bored easily – there are always problems that are waiting to be solved. And as a part of our team you have our trust. This means responsibility and ownership of your own tasks and work, including flexible work hours.

We can also offer a competitive start-up salary and we are also developing a stock option program for people in the early stages of our development. But we know there is more to life than work. That’s why we’re glad to be located in the region called ”greater Copenhagen”, consistently ranked as high-quality of life on many metrics. A region that is close to top universities, the world’s best restaurants and bars, and much more!


We are developing a platform technology with the aim of producing a multitude of valuable feed and food for a more sustainable future. The development of our technology needs to reflect the needs of society and thus requires diversity and inclusivity.

Creativity and curiosity

Innovation and high-impact solutions demands creativity and curiosity. We want to foster an environment that allows individuals to question how we do things, to improve them in order to reach our collective mission.

Fail a lot and learn a lot

In order to bring about sustainable change to difficult problems, we believe failure plays an important role. Failure is a consequence of an action-oriented mindset, which is required to tackle difficult problems. From these failures, we can take crucial learnings and build something even better.

Personal growth

We want people with high ambitions that want to take ownership of their work and thrive when given more responsibility, in order to further their personal development and career goals.

Mission driven

Our mission is to utilize biology to build socially and environmentally beneficial solutions to immediate and urgent problems in the food system and beyond.


Cirkulär is a collective of people who are passionate about biology, the food system and providing rational, positive solutions to hard problems.